Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Inspirational Interview With Author Books Best Seller

"Education was very important to achieve my goals". That phrase is a lot of people believe. Likewise with who is believed by Iwan Setiawan, an author of 9 Summers 10 Autumns which became one of the best-selling novel in 2011. It is, he proved himself in his experience, the only child minivan drivers, but managed to become one of the Director at the institute renowned research, AC Nielsen, New York USA.

Some time ago the Islamic Student Forum (Formis) UTY hold inspirational talk with the author of the book. Iwan, so he often called to attend with the team of the film 9 Summers 10 Autumn in order roadshow latest movie which takes place in cooperation with the Forum of Islamic Students UTY Figures Fortuna Cinema, Saturday (03/16/2013). On the occasion he added, "What else do I have besides education, my mother did not have any wealth so with science, what can be provided by a woman who studied only up to primary level. However, my mother managed to maintain my conscience, then combined with science. That is what I have and I bring up this time. "

Men who used to be the best graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University was also hoped that her story could inspire other young people to strive hard to achieve a variety of dreams they want. "The novel and the film certainly has the same breath. The difference is, we're not a lot of readers because Indonesian people prefer to watch movies than read books. When the book I just read some of the drivers of public transportation children, through the film I hope to inspire thousands of other public transportation drivers to be able to achieve success "

Iwan said that the process of making this film is very close to the actual circumstances that he experienced. Natural atmosphere highlighted by the film even managed to arouse emotions parties involved in the manufacturing process. "The film is very emotional, some scenes made me shed tears repeatedly. Even my sister and mother also shed tears in the manufacturing process. I am optimistic that this film will succeed, because the various parties involved in this film is very talented. I agree this film will be a little different from the novel, but the film will be an extraordinary film. "

"As a boy, I do not have their own room. Once in New York I can build a house of my parents, also help build houses for my brothers and sisters. But, the reason I go back to Indonesia is to build a small room in Indonesia. "Similarly, Iwan stated desire to promote Indonesia.

The event was attended by 200 students from various universities; UGM, UII, Unires, and so forth. Any speaker who attended the performers who are already familiar ears of the public, namely Iwan Setiawan (author best-selling novel of 2011, 9 Summers 10 Autumns), Hayria Faturrahman (mida Starring in this film), also Arya Pradana (producer in this film ).

Sekar Akrom Faradiza, SE., M.Sc., Akt. Kaprodi as S1 Accounting stated that "With this event is expected to provide insight and motivation for students to always dream and strive to realize the dream".

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